I need to make sure I'm not screwing up!

O.k. I am building a new computer and I just want to make sure that I am not making any mistakes or anything. Is all this stuff compatible will it al work together? Is this going to be a good system? Ok here is my computer:

Lian-Li Aluminum PC70 6x5.25 3x3.5 2x3.5 (INT) ATX Case w/ O PS

Athlon XP 2100+ (1.73 GHz, 256KB, 266MHz, Socket A)-Retail Box

A7V33 Athlon/Duron/XP, Socket A, ATX 3 GB DDR-SDRAM, 266MHz FSB

XTASY GeForce4 TI4600 AGP 128MB DDR 3D/TV Video Card

PP412X P4 400W Power Suppply

CDRW Drive 40x/12x/40x EIDE Plexwriter w/ Software & Media

Hercules Gaming Theater XP-OEM

512MB PC2700 DDR-SDRAM w/ Heat Spreader

SONY 1.44MB 3.5 inch Internal FDD Drive-OEM

Toshiba PCX1100U DOCSIS Cable Modem

IOMEGA Internal EIDE 250MB Zip Drive

Sony 52x MAX EIDE Internal CD-ROM Drive-OEM

Klipsh Promedia 2.1 THX Certified 3 Piece personal Audit system


OK so what does everyone think of this system? Thanks for you feedback!!
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  1. I would go with an Enermax Power Supply,
    I thought you wanted a DVD?, get a dvd instead of a regular CD-ROM....you can use your Plextor to read your cd's, it reads at "40x"

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  2. I would alse go for a Enermax powersupply, and what do you plan to buy for cooling? The rest of the system looks very good.

    <b>THGC:</b> before: :frown: :eek: , after: :smile: :cool: .
  3. Don't those Lian Li's come with the TWO Case Fans in the Front, and he's getting retail HSF for CPU....I would think they come with something for that dam Price$

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
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