Everything on my hard drive gone?

Ok so i was installing blue tooth drivers into my Asus n80vn laptop
when my desktop disappeared, i thought nothing of it because i have power saver options that do that all the time.
But my driver installed failed because it was not missing a piece. confused i looked into the folder i had unzipped it to.. to find that there was only an exe which i know wasn't the case when i downloaded it. then i started to notice my desktop wasn't hidden but rather everything was just gone.. i still had my trash can. and the one folder i was working out of..
well it turns out anything that wasn't being used at the second that my desktop seemed to disappear was not totally gone from my computer, and i mean EVERYTHING. little over 100 gigs gone in a blink of an eye.. after a reboot i figure out it had eaten some of my windows so i did a reformat, and a disk checker(what ever its called in Win7) and it found nothing wrong. well I'm really confused. any thoughts of what may have happened?
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  1. Either a virus or other malware or your drive is failing.
  2. A fresh install would take care of the first two things Zoron mentioned. You may want to run a chkdsk or a hard drive diagnostic to rule out the 3rd.
  3. Try a system restoration. type in 'System Restore' in your Windows bar and the option should be there. Click it and it should give you a few later dates of when you last used your computer. Try to select the most recent date when your computer was operating most efficiently. It should restore the computer to the way it was on that date... Hopefully.
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