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backtrack cant recognize my wifi adapter and some terminall commands like airmong-ng do not work
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  1. What WiFi adapter are you using?
  2. MikeKF said:
    What WiFi adapter are you using?

    my adapter is intell r 4965agn
  3. MikeKF said:
    What WiFi adapter are you using?

    forget to tell u its backtrack VMware
  4. Any virtualisation software can only use USB wireless network cards as physical devices, all other types of wireless card are seen as virtual ethernet devices and can only be seen as a wireless device by the host and not by the guest operating system. So if you want to run BackTrack in VMWare or Virtualbox and have full wireless capabilities, make sure you are using a USB device.

    I can't see you wireless card listed as tested and from what I've read you probably can't use it (I see a lot of others asking the same question as you).

    You can pick up a cheap Alfa AWUS036H (or NH) which has been tested and works well and is USB connected.
  6. ok thanks for your help ill buy an alfa adapter
    but there are another staff.....
    some commands do not work (airmong-ng) in the terminal
    wt can i do for this>
  7. What is the output to the screen when you try and run the command?
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