Problem getting into windows. Please help me out here.

So I'm playing wow on my desktop when all the sudden my screen blacks out and my computer resets. When I gets to the starting windows screen it just blacks out and loses signal. At first I can hear normal function working without pictures. I could still log in and what not hit had no visual. After a few restarts it blacks out after flashing to a blue screen and immediately resets... Please help me out, this sucks.
I'm running an intel i5
Asus Gtx 460
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  1. whats the rest of your system specs? motherboard, power supply, ram and o/s.
  2. Intel boxdz77ga70k
    600w thermaltake psu
    12 gb ripjaw ram 2x4 and 2x2
    Windows 7 ultimate
  3. what model thermaltake?

    couple funky things going on, the ram first, could be a mismatch. do all the chips have the same timings? i would start by running just the 2x4. if no change test with the 2x2 only.

    also the video card you have is a couple generations old, is it full of dust? also a possibility its going bad.
  4. Thermal take tr2 600w
    The ram is fine I have been using it for a month or so now all timing, voltage everything matches.
    Video card had a little dust when I checked it out but nothing that would cause a complete malfunction.
    Maybe it just fried..
  5. if you have another gpu around, test with it.
  6. Also have a new problem. When I was looking through bios to see if anything was off or seemed to be weird I stumbled across an option that was in advanced. It said turn offlogo at startup (intel extreme bias skull thing) so I click it because it said bootip would be faster and I don't care about the visual. Well now I see nothing and when I click f2 to enter bios it doesn't work anymore and goes right to windows where my computer freezes/ resets. Wtf now I can't do anything. I swear I have the worst luck.
  7. daswilhelm said:
    if you have another gpu around, test with it.

    I don't. I guess I could test with on board graphics?
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    I'd put money on it being a GPU issue. I've had that flickering screen before.

    I don't know your motherboard specifically but some have a "direct" button on the motherboard so you can hit that to get to your BIOS.
  9. This couldn't have happened at a worst time. I was moving my Xbox today and I dropped it and caused it to completely break. Now I have to mail it in to get a replacement. Not 6 hours later this happens lol.
    Worst luck today.
    Anyways bios seemed to fix itself. Logo is back and now f2 is working but for some reason not everytime but most.
    Guess its time to dump more cash into this thing.
  10. Hey man, was just wondering how it turned out with your desktop. Was flipping through some old messages and never really had any closure. You figure out if it was a bad gpu?
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