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I wish to fit an exhaust case fan into my case, it's getting warm in there.

Now on the back of the case there is the circular vent with 4 threaded holes, obviously meant for a case fan.

The holes are around 72mm apart, so I guessed I needed a 70mm case fan. Now the "experts" at my local computer shop told me that all case fans are 80mm.

I didn't buy one, surely I can't fit a 80mm fan when the holes to fix the fan are 72mm apart?

Surely 70mm case fans exist, and the shop are wrong....any help appreciated!
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  1. standrad fan sizes are 60,80,92 and 120

    what is better then a 7000 rpm, a 8000 rpm delta. to cause more noise to kill your ears :smile:
  2. I wish to intraject an extra opinion as well. If you have an exhaust fan blowing out the hot air, where's the cool air coming from?

    I'd suggest getting an intake fan as well. I'm not sure what kind of case you have, but you should have a place in the front of your case for another one. So, that'd be two fans you'll need.

    And yeah...the holes are most likely for an 80mm fan. If you want quiet, look for some Panaflo fans under 30 dBA. looks like a good plae to check out.


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  3. yes well i'm thinking about getting an intake fan for the front of the case....cpu temps are still high (mid 40's)

    this one i fitted in the back is an el-cheapo case fan, it's very quiet and runs at around 2700 rpm, i'm not sure if it's doing anything useful :)
  4. Which case do you have? Can you find the manual? I have 3 cases each have 4 fans on the case. Only one fan is a 120 mm fan and all other fans are 80 mm fan.
  5. Mid 40s aren't bad at all. If you wanted to overclock, then maybe it is. But, it's not the processor I'm talking about, it's the rest of the components of your computer.

    By the way, RPMs don't matter as much as CFMs. When I say that, I mean that RPMs might be high, but then it's more noisy. *sigh* I'm just rambling again. If you liked that, check out my site, that's for sure. :lol:

    Don't hesitate, just get fan! :wink:

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