670GTX SLI Issue?

Hey there everyone o/

I have a question about my 670GTX graphics cards and since i don't yet know if it's an actual issue or not i'm just going to describe it.

Currently i have two ASUS 670GTX graphics cards running in SLI. My computer shows two cards, my overclocking software shows two, and yet for some reason whenever I load up MSI Kombuster or any other similar benchmark software it shows that my second graphics card isn't doing anything. It's sitting in what is basically idle while the primary card is running at 100%, and i don't understand why.

Previously i had two 9800GT's in SLI and they would run in tandem just fine. perhaps i'm just missing something with these?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

PC Specs are as follows:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Core i7-930
ASUS RoG Rampage III Gene
XFX 1000w PSU
Crucial 6gb DDR3 1800 RAM
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  1. installed sli bridge? enabled SLI in nvidia drivers? re0installed drivers since you put the new cards in? I also have to say you will suffer a severe cpu bottleneck and you wont even notice the difference between 1x 670 or 2x 670's unless your running 3 monitors.
  2. the sli bridge is on, but perhaps there's one side it's supposed to be on? there's two slots to put the bridge, so i'll give that a try. i've installed every new driver, and several beta drivers as well, and done clean installations for a few of them, so that's not the issue.

    on a side note, how will i be bottlenecked? both cards are running at x16 and my cpu is clocked at 3.4GHz. it's not even that old of a cpu, it was one of the newest right before sandry bridge was released. I do plan on upgrading in the coming months, but i didn't think there would be much if any bottleneck with what i have
  3. Have you checked it in GPUz's? Check your usage for both cards. That will tell you if they are both working proper and if you are under !00% that will tell you if you are bottlenecking. I'd start there. And ya it's pretty high chance of bottleneck. Check out the GPU hierarchy chart.
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