Is vip gold 400w good for zotac gtx 650 non ti

i said in my previous posts that my new gtx 650 is crash at login screen after driver installation.
i have c2d e7400 2.80ghz,3 gb ram ddr2, and odyssey 450w.
now after spending large money on gtx 650, i dont have large money for psu.
i can only spent upto 1500rs.
now as i said is vip gold 400w any good or any other psu recommendation in my budget.

note: my gtx 650 need 20a on 12v.

edit: cant someone tell me vip gold 400w 12v amperes
now after searching google for 3hrs, i saw that vip gold 400w has 21a on 12v,
is this sufficient for gtx 650
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    Yes it has 21a on single +12v rail so it will work easily with gtx 650. Even iam running hd 7750 with vip 400w plus (20a).
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