Power Supply enough?

Currently I've the following configuration:
- Intel Core i5-3570
- Memory 8GB (4GB2X)
- Motherboard P8B75-M

With a power supply of 440
And I just got a second hand HD 5750 display card

I plugged everything, but for some reason I cannot get a signal on the screen

The card has power, everything seems ok but I'm just not getting a signal.

My question is: Am i missing some configuration or something, or is it possible that the power supply is not enough.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Plug the 6pin connector to gpu from psu
  2. Its connected and the card's cooler is working
  3. psu is not a issue. unplug that gpu and update mobo's bios to latest
  4. or check that gpu in others pc
  5. Ok I've upgraded the Bios, but same thing.
    Guess it's the "Second hand" part that I wasn't taking in consideration...

    Thx again for the help.

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