Dell inspiron 620 won't boot after installing new graphics card

Just installed a pny GeForce gt610 card and a corsair 430 w psu. Everything booted fine until installed the graphics drivers from the cd. Now "windows starting" screens comes up but then monitor goes into power save mode.
No graphics bios option on this machine apparently. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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  1. why did you install drivers that came with the card? those old and can press f8 while booting and choose the boot in safe mode with networking, go to control panel and uninstall nvidia drivers...dont restart the newest drivers from nvidia's webside, restart and install drivers
  2. And I don't think you needed a new PSU for that card. The GT 610 is weak and shouldn't draw a lot of power. The stock power supply would have been plenty enough.

    But for your problem as suggested by Alvine, boot in safe mode and uninstall the nvidia drivers. Get the latest drivers from the nvidia website instead.
  3. I did just as you said - same problem boots to windows start screen then monitor goes to stand by. Starts up fine with drivers uninstalled, resolution is a little fuzzy but starts up.

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