Can I run two radeon 5670s in crossfire on my compaq dc7900?

The motherboard has two pice x16 slots but one only runs at x4. Can I run in crossfire without a big performance drop? Or will it be worse than just a single 5670?
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  1. You'd be best off selling that card and getting a new card. That is a low end, old tech, video card. It is not worth going to crossfire with it.
  2. Also, I really only play minecraft, maybe some mw3 and a bit of bo2 here and there. I do t care about having super high settings. I just want it to play with at least 30 fps most of the time.

    So, is it worth the money for the 5670 or should a cheaper card suffice? I am new to radeons, I have been a die hard nvidia fan for a while now but it just hit me. Radeons are cheaper and more powerful. So, any recommended gpus?
  3. You'd probably want to look at 650, 660, 7750 and 7850's. I believe minecraft is all about the CPU, when it comes to performance.
  4. Yeah, your probably right... Right now I only have a gt 430 XD I know it sucks but it actually is powerful, but I need something more powerful. Thanks for the recommendations!
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