I've been waiting for the 700 or 8000 series for quite a while now and i want more performance in Arma 3 (currently have 1gb 6870).

Since they're more than a year old, would you say it's too late to invest in a 7000 series card and should i wait for the new gen?
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  1. Your choice but I recently upgraded from 6850 to 7950 and am happy.
  2. I'm just not sure how long it will be until the new series comes along also i need advice on which 7950 or 7970 to get if i do.
  3. I have heard it will be Q3 or Q4 when new cards come out. Can you wait that long?
  4. last i heard the new 8000 series is coming late in the year. still a bit of a wait. if you're looking to upgrade now is good time, prices are low and the drivers are mostly figured out.

    Sapphire cards are really good. i'd recommend a 7950, they overclock very well. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202003
  5. Okay screw waiting, it's either the 7970 or 7950 i can afford the 7970 but i don't know if its worth the price increase. i'm in the UK also.

    Edit - Theres about £100 difference or so between the cards however there are some cheaper 7950s and 7970s around.


  6. I did not think that the performance difference was worth the price difference and hence vent with a 900MHz 7950.
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