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Ok guys I have Win XP, Audigy <latest Drivers>, and Z560. I have it all hooked up. All speakers work. Green with Green and Black with Black on soundcard. I have set XP to Surroundsound speakers and Quadistatic <or whatever it is>. However the only way my rear satelites work is if the m3d button is on. Also when playing a DVD with win dvd, I can only select 2 speaker dolby compliant not 4. What do I have setup wrong? I know it must be something in XP but I can not find it. This is the first time I have hooked up a surround sound system, so treat me as a newb at this.
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  1. Probably the actual setting for the speaker setup in the Audigy drivers, go to Control Panel and Audio HQ, then Speakers. Select 4 speaker.
    from what i've seen the windows setting does not appear to change much for my setup, I think the audigy software takes charge.

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  2. Ah never looked in control panel for audigy. Will have to try when I get home...on friday ;(

    If anyone else has an idea please post. The more the merrier.
  3. nope, thats the solution, There is a speaker configuration utility that installs with the audigy software. You can select, 2 4 or headphones with it. If you cant find it reinstall yer audigy software and install the basic extra's with the drivers... I use an Audigy with the Z-560 and works fine.

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