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I have some issues with win 7 64 bit pro. I have 3 computers on a cat 5 wired home LAN using a DGL-4500 router and in yhe same homegroup. All are gigabit capable. 2 are regular PCs, one is an HTPC. All have the latest drivers.

1) File transfers never exceed 12% of the network capacity.

2) If I transfer from computer A to computer B's public folder, I can transfer 1GB in a few minutes. However, if I attempt to copy/paste a file from Computer B's public folder to computer A, computer A takes forever "discovering" the file, then gives some absurd transfer time, say 11 hours for the same file.

3) If however I go to computer B and paste the same file into Computer A's public folder, the transfer takes only a few minutes.

4) If at any point during scenario #2 I right-click B's public folder from A during a transfer, I get the spinning circle forever which 90% of the time results in Explorer hanging and requiring the process to be killed/restarted.

Any suggestions on how to go about fixing these issues?
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  1. Check computer A drive for errors. Try to stress the drive to check results
  2. Tested all drives with HDTune Pro, all tests plus error scan. All check OK.
  3. Bump. Had another Explorer lockup-crash-restart. Can't transfer files to the other computer without a system restart.

    This is definitely not a drive issue, this has something to do with the network settings or LAN itself. Something is getting "confused".
  4. Ok, partially solved. The speed issue is fixed, I now max out the Gigabit connection. I disabled all of the offload features in the NIC settings and ran's tcp optimizer. Now it transfers about a GB in around a minute.

    It still locks up with a right-click on the network drive and other things though.
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