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ASUS HD 7950 DCUII top question

Hi. Greetings from Venezuela. I though I got a good deal(i change my sapphire 6950 dirt edition plus 70 $ for the asus card) but the asus gpu was from the faulty series so it overheat easily (100 celcius) I change the thermal paste and change the screws and it ran kindda fine (gaming and stuff) but on bitcoin or furmark it reaches 100 degrees again. I want to change the heatsink and i was thinking on the arctic accelero 7970 but i dont know if its compatible cause my card isnt a reference model. So i need your help to know if it will work with the arctic cooler or if you know another way to fix it.

Thanks in advance. Sorry for bad english
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  1. A graphics card should never be 100 degrees. Either you have a faulty cooler or your case is too hot. That is the easiest way to screw up a card fast. Try to keep temps under 80 Celsius.

    To answer the question, yes that cooler will fit your card, but it may just be the card's fault. Is it overclocked?
  2. Yes I know. Thats why Im trying to fix it. My old 6950 never reached 70 degrees. The card its factory overclocked (from 800 mhz to 925 mhz) and there is various reports on how the asus 7950 dcuii top overheats thanks to faulty heatsink desing(not enought contact with the gpu chip) so i want to replace the heatsink or if there is a solution to fix the oem one.
  3. From what you say it seems that replacing the cooler is your best bet.
  4. Thanks for replying. Are you completly sure the arctic accelero 7970 cooler fits my non reference asus 7950 dcuii top?
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    It should, but they don't guarantee it. You should email arctic and find out for sure.
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