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After 2 years of duty i'm looking for an upgrade for my sapphire HD 5770.
Main purpose for the card will be multi monitor gaming (3*23" @ 1920x1080), recently bought a xfx hd7950 but seems this card will be rma and just dont know what to get next, should i take another hd7950 or perhaps go for nvidia? Heard recently alot of complaints about amd and there 79xx series.. What do you guys think?
Im currently running a AMD FX-6100 3,3ghz on a asus m5a78l-m mobo with 8gb ddr3 and 520w psu.

Give me your thoughts:-D!
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  1. I haven't had any issue with my 7950 from Sapphire. Its the Vapor-X edition so the core clock is at 950mhz(boosted).

    This is all dependent on the games you play.
  2. If you are using triple monitor I'd suggest upgrading your PSU above 520 and get the strongest card you can afford after.
  3. Get a slightly stronger PSU and grab the 7950
  4. stickmansam said:
    Get a slightly stronger PSU and grab the 7950

    With slightly you mean perhaps a 600w psu? would they do the job? or shall it even be more?
  5. Sorry, I think your PSU should be fine as long as it is a quality brand
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