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A pc has two options for graphics cards: the Radeon 7450 or the Radeon 7570. The difference in price is about $100. The 7450 has 1 GB dedicated memory while the 7570 has 2 GB dedicated memory.,14431.html

This table shows the specs for both cards, but these numbers and graphic card terms mean nothing to me.

Which card would be less taxing to the system overall, not only today but in the weeks, months, and years to come since I do not replace my computer every year?

Do these terms and numbers apply mainly to display? How do they affect display or performance?

We use the pc for online gaming, occasional movie streaming, casual working with videos/photos, etc.

The main question is will there be a significant difference in these two cards in terms of how it affects overall computer performance now and in the future? What specifically should a person look for when looking at graphics cards?
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  1. Though I cannot fully answer all of your questions, I will try to to the best of my abilities, though I cannot fully guarantee that I am for the most part, correct. Now, the major reason for wanting a 2GB Card is that it can take better loads of work as well as allow for multiple monitors in a more efficient manner. The performance between the two is somewhat substantial in that one, the 7570, is more powerful and allows for better textures, as well as other things that won't completely make sense as you stated that you don't care for the numbers. Power consumption won't too much of a difference if any between the two. So obviously, the one that costs more is better. However, neither are by any means a 'gaming' gpu. These cannot produce performance that is satisfactory to an avid gamer, although, if you only use it for general media, then it is sufficient enough for now. It is not exactly a card that will keep up with the times however. Many integrated gpu such as the new Haswell Intel HD 4000s and up can produce just as much if not more performance than the 7450 and 7570. When purchasing, it's more worth it to spend now rather than spend a little and constantly having to upgrade to something that can still keep up with the latest games and movies. All in all, one is obviously much better than the other, and both will produce a decent laptop for the next few years. It just depends on your budget and what you believe you need. Occasional gaming calls for the 7570 over the 7450 obviously, but otherwise, simple media can be sufficient with the 7450. If you have any more questions, or if you're still confused, please feel free to ask.
  2. Both of those will be appalling for anything but very very light gaming, just so you know.
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