First BSOD in XP, is it my new DDR RAM???

I've had my new computer for about a month now without even a hiccup from XP. Early this evening (3 hours ago) I install and additional 256MB of DDR RAM (kingston) and a RADEON 8500 video card. I followed very cautious procedures in uprgrading the video card as well. In addition, I upgraded the drivers to the most recent OFFICIAL ones from ATI.

After about 2.5 hours after getting everything going I get a BSOD. After the ONE incident it hasn't occurred in over an hour. Anyways, it stated something like this:

STOP: 0x0000008E (0XC000001D, 0XBF836C89, 0XB67F4FC, 0X00000000)

Win32k.sys - address BF836C89 base at BF800000, Datestamp 367de698


Can anybody help? Is it the new DDR RAM???? A fluke? Any suggestiond is greatly appreicated!

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  1. first, you should make sure the old ram and the new ram are the same brand and specification, otherwise you will have a problem.
    remove your radeon driver completely and remove the card and install back your old card, then check if it will make any crash again, to make sure that your memory is not the problem download memtest86 and install it on floppy disk and run at start up so this will check your memory, try to complete about 5 pass and if no errors occured then it means your memory is ok

    try to substitute the parts i.e. keep you old card with new rams, then remove the new ram and install radeon card untill you catch which hardware is causing the problem

    do this and lets know what happen with you

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
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