Whole Modem Reboots when starting Torrent.

I recently upgraded to Docsis 3.0 Routers Homenetworking Modem.

Speeds are more than I am paying for when using Wireless

Only problem is. When I start a torrent in Bitcomet my whole modem will "disconnect".

Including all the computers connected via Ethernet Cable.

I have had the modem exchanged, same thing.

I am not using a Router. The modem has wifi which I use.

The modem stays online it's just that is loses its internet connection, I have had a technician over to see for him self, he didn't know what to do, he tried swapping the modem. Same thing.

My docsis 2.0 JUST A MODEM (no wifi crap) ive been using that for years and no issues (Used that with my router)

I have tried my current modem with a router and same issue.
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  1. what make and model modem/router are you using
  2. cisco dpc 3825
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