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Will this graphics card work in my motherboard? heres my motherboard.
heres my graphics card . idk anything about compatability like what will work and not work/fit on motherboards so.
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  1. yes it will fit in the top blue slot and work fine.
  2. Yes. The card is PCIe 3.0. Your board is PCIe 2.0. 3.0 cards will work in 2.0 boards.
  3. Should not be a problem. You will need about a 500w psu.
  4. It should assuming that big heatsink next to the pci-e does not get in the way.
  5. thanks guys that was quick. just putting these into my current pc while i build my new one. also any way to keep my pc from getting so dusty. i clean it once a week or more often. its sitting off the ground by around 3 inches or so. and i have a 600w powersupply. and whats a pci-e that smeezekitty said might be in the way? and would you guys reccommend any aftermarket coolers for it?
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    When you select a case for your next build, look for a positive pressure case with washable front air filters.
    In such a case, all air is drawn in through the filtered front fans so dust does not enter.
    A example that I use is the Silverstone TJ-08E, a M-ATX case that sells for $100 or so.
    I rarely need to clean the filter, perhaps every 3 months, and never the inside.
    An example of a full atx case that has filters on the front input fans would be the Antec 300.

    I like the direct exhaust cooler of the GTX670 you linked. It gets heat directly out of the case.
    The GTX670 is not a hot card to begin with. If you want to overclock the card, fine. But if you are adding a cooler, to do so, I think it is smarter to spend the money on a factory overclocked card or a GTX680 in the first place.
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    Notice the big heatsink that says "gigabyte". Some graphics cards could have the cooler come into contact with it.

    I think you should be ok with that card because it looks fairly narrow.
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