(SOLVED)Graphics card and how to test?

Hello! Well I got a new system built, and have the AMD Radeon HD 7700 series GPU. Since I put this card in I have not really tested it, but tonight I decided to throw a game it's way to see how it would run. I played alice madness returns, at 1776X1000 resolution. The game seemed to work good, but there was some lagging at heavy fighting areas, and during the cut scenes there seemed to be a ever so slight stutter.

Now prior to running the game I tried using Sonne screen capture to capture a video of a program I was running. After the capture, I played the video of this and the video was scattered, with a static like line running through it and the audio was static. Now I am not sure if this is due to the graphics card? Or the hdmi to DVI connection I have running through the GPU. I would not think the connection would cause an issue like that.

It may very well be a feature in the program That I am overlooking causing it. But the game itself seemed to have a few issues. Sooo, my question is, is this common with these cards? Is there something I am missing or need to update for the card? And if not (I believe I have up to date drivers), what would cause the lagging and stutter in the scene videos? Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the reply's in advance.

Sorry was missing a 7 in there! I wouldn't think there would be lag with a game like that from this card, from what I have heard anyways. Could it be the speed of the hdd?

Asrock 880gm-le-fx MB
Radeon HD 7770 1gb core edition
FX 4300 Vishera 3.8ghz
8gb ddr3 1600 Ram
430w power supply
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    This sounds like a driver issue as the game you played is old but your drivers are new, driver develpers usualy concentrate on newer/recent popular games.
    There could be many other reasons as well.
    Though you have done some basic tests, heres few more

    1.Try reinstall driver
    2.Try installing a driver that was released during the game came out
    3. Enable vsync your game might be streesing the gpu with more fps than yous monitor capable to display usualy 60Hz
    4. Reinstall DX dot net or others which might got replaced during installatin of the old game. can try setting the winxp compatbility mode on by right clicking properties on the game shortcut.

    Hope this helps
  3. Thank you for the reply imonu....Imomumun.....My friend. Well I tried Fallout new vegas out, and it played just fine on Ultra settings. But alice was still lagging, I searched a bit and I guess this is a common issue with this game. So I changed some options in the Aliceengine.ini and it is doing better, there is not much lag during the fighting scenes but still a little. I will have to try it in the morning, but another suggestion was to put the physx option to low. I guess Without an Nvidea card, the game will pull from the cpu mainly instead of the graphics card? So I will try it with that option lowered and see if that eliminates the lag issue. I also changed the xp compatibility option and switched vsync to False in the ini file.

    I guess I should have searched for game issues rather then assuming it was a graphics issue :( . But Now I know better, and have learned a little bit more about the options on the pc! Again thank you for the reply. And I will call this mystery solved!
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