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Using older windows 7 HDD as a 2nd drive questions.

I am building another machine and using a SSD as the main drive, I am thinking about being lazy and attempting to forgo any backup options for my old machines HDD. I don't have any delusions about being able to boot into it (as all the hardware will be different) Or being able to run any games from it. I am doing it mainly so I can remember what I had installed previously (when you don't buy everything from steam it can get complicated :D)

I am mainly doing this because I no longer have the college download I used to install this OS to begin with and it would be a shame to lose 7 if I am forced to go back to it.

If any of you could help me think outside the box as to what I can do I would really appreciate it.
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  1. Hi :)

    Not quite sure what you are asking...

    Just add it as a second drive...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I just figure I will come across some sort of unforeseen problem. A friend added a SSD as his main drive and installed W8, using his old w7 HDD as a secondary storage. Attempting to boot into that drive blue screens the computer even though he had changed nothing else.

    If I do just use it as-is, I can no longer uninstall the programs so I'll be forced to format it at some point.

    Thanks for the response, maybe I am over thinking it :/
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    Can you clone your hard drive to your new ssd? Is there enough space?

    It costs nothing to try your old windows 7 on the new hardware.

    I have successfully done this about 6 times with just one failure.
    That was converting an old amd cpu/motherboard to intel which failed to boot on new hardware.

    Windows 7 seemed very tolerant of changes with intel cpu's and motherboard chipsets.
    If you can boot, you then install the chipset drivers from the cd that will come with your new motherboard.

    Of course, you could try this by booting your old hard drive too.

    And... beware of the windows 8 upgrade package. It seems that when installed, it will deactivate the windows 7 key that was previously installed with no way to go back.

    You can use a program called magic jellybean to find and print out your current activation code.
    If your copy of windows 7 is not oem, you can borrow any windows 7 dvd of suitable 32/64 bit type and use it to reinstall and reactivate using your original activation key.
  4. Hi :)

    Just install whichever OS ON YOUR MAIN DRIVE... with the 7 drive DISCONNECTED...

    Then just reconnect it afterwards... for files/space etc...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Alright I'll give this a go, I attempted using magic jellybean but the key it came up with was just a string of B's, luckily I have it written down elsewhere. (just wanted to match them up to be safe). Thank you both for the help!
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