HELP with Using AP With a Router To Extend The Coverage

Hello,This is My First Post Here And i Hope Some Experts Could HELP Me with My Problem

i Have a 2 Access Points First One : TP-Link
TL-WR542g V7 and this is a Picture of it :

Second One is : Linksys WRT542 And this is a Photo :

i Have my Router on The First floor ...and My Wireless Enabled on it With WEP Encryption..
i Need To Extend The Coverage to The 2nd Floor,By Using one Of my 2 AP's ...Just like:
Setting up my AP To Recive the Wireless Signal From My Router ...And Re-send it To My Laptop.."Wirelessly"..So i can Leave it only With AC Power ..And Still Streaming The Signal While my Laptop Receiveng...
Please HELP Me :(
P.S. : My Router is Linksys WRT542 Just like The AP But with a PHONE Line Port (Router)..
Guide Me PLEASE .
Thnx Guys
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  1. as long as the WRT54G2 is not REV. 1.5 you can use DD-WRT firmware on it and configure it as a Repeater Bridge
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