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Hi last night I was watching a video from a unknown website. Then Adobe Flash downloader and a another program opened up. SO i restarted my computer ,and my desktop has no icons. I went to my start and my computer/destop/documents files weren't there. I tryed ctrl+alt+delete i opened up taskmanager and it closes really fast. Also a erro spams my screen- Windows-Delayed Write Failed - "Failed to save components for the files \\system32\\00002cd4. Tje files is corrupted or unreadable. This erro may be caused by a PC Hardware Probem". I need help please!!!!!!!!!!
Running Windows 7 I believe 64 bit
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    okay, you downloaded malware. Does your desktop at least have the recycle bin icon? If so, as I've seen a virus that does this quite often, your files are still there. Boot into safe mode, and click recycle bin so it opens. Hit the alt key, it will bring up a menu at the top. Click "tools" then select "folder options". Go to the "view" tab and select "show hidden files, folders and drives" and save it. Your files and desktop icons will re-appear as opaque, as the malware made the files hidden. You can back up the data now. The easiest thing to do, since in most cases it contains a rootkit, is to back up and reinstall windows. You can change the files back from "hidden" by right clicking folders and unchecking "hidden" in folder properties.
  2. Ok ty let me try.
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  4. Thank you for your time to help me. Question how do I back up all my stuff I have?
  5. you can restet file attributes through cmd, that will get you access to your files again. all your shortcuts in the start menu are saved in a file called "smtmp". I've seen plenty of non rootkits cause this as well.
  6. How can i get into the smtmp file? Cause i need to backup my files and reinstall windows 7
  7. try running malwarebytes to remove the infection, you may not have to reinstall
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