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Hello everyone,
My system specs are as follows -core i7 3770k at 3.6ghz, AMD shappire 7970 memory at 1375and core at 1075 mhz , cooler master thunder 700 watts psu, Asus p8h77-m ,and 8gb ram at 1600 .now first question 1)in Asus website they said it is crossfirex ready mobo but I have a doubt can I add a shappire 7950 and upgrade the psu?
2)on my current current system with the above mentioned gpu crysis 3 falls as low as 19 fps on very high settings but according to AMD my gpu should do very high with 16x anastrophic filtering with 4x msaa with playable frame rates but I'm gettin 19-35!!!!(constant dips to 20)so thinkin of adding one more gpu!!!,(new drivers 13.2.7 beta drivers)
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  1. Use 13.6 driver and lower the motion blur
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    raheel167 said:
    U can not crossfire 7950 with 7970 u need same cards to crossfire

    Actually you can. But I wouldn't recommend it. Neither would I recommend cf on your mobo since the second slot is only x4.
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