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Hope you r doing fine. Recently I purchased a graphics card of MSI Geforce GTX 660ti. This performance is superb but the main problem is when I run any games (high quality games) after 1/2 minutes windows turns into blue screen and restarts or some times entire screen produces vertical colored lines and I dont have any other options but to restart it. I cant play any 3D games with this. Previously I used ATI Radeon 4870 HD. It was running fine. but I bought it due to get better result in gaming. But I am very upset now. Please help me. My system configuration is as follows

1. Intel Pentium core 2 duo 2.93 GHz
2. 4 GB DDR 2 RAM
3. XFX G31 Motherboard with PCI Express 2.0 slot
4. Creative PCI Audigy Sound blaster Sound Card
5. ASUS Bluray Drive
6. MSI GTX 660 ti Graphics Card
7. Thermaltake 500 watt PSU

Please help me.
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  1. faulty card. sounds like it's not stable with its own clock. try downclocking it a bit using Afterburner. or RMA it.
  2. Are the card O.C. -ed? it do sound like bad O.C. setting or failure card....
  3. Is there any ventilation issue? or is my PSU perfect for this system?
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