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Hi last night I was watching a video from a unknown website. Then Adobe Flash downloader and a another program opened up. SO i restarted my computer ,and my desktop has no icons. I went to my start and my computer/destop/documents files weren't there. I tryed ctrl+alt+delete i opened up taskmanager and it closes really fast. Also a erro spams my screen- Windows-Delayed Write Failed - "Failed to save components for the files \\system32\\00002cd4. Tje files is corrupted or unreadable. This erro may be caused by a PC Hardware Probem". I need help please!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Boot from Windows DvD and do a system restore.
  2. Could be a corrupt profile and system restore may or may not fix it. If not try this: Start in Safe mode, create a new user account, restart and log in to the new account. If the problem goes away your profile is corrupt and you will need to create a new one, if it doesn't then you have a problem
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    Oh dear the oldest trick in the book. Never download Flash or other programs from a site you don't trust and even then you probably shouldn't do it without running the program through your AV program first. You have been infected by a Virus. You can try downloading and running the free version of Malwarebytes anti virus program to try and clean your computer but it would probably be a better idea to do a clean install of Windows. Your data may be gone for good but you could try a free undelete program such as PC Inspector.
  4. Yeah im thinking of doing that. I mostly do competitive gaming. But if a delete all my crap a fast computer :)
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