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I this a good graphics card ?

Is NVIDIA Geforce GTX 465 1GB GDDR5 a good graphics card to play modern games ?
I want some suggestions.
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  1. Erm, no. It's a very old card, and wasn't amazing even when it was brand new.

    If you want suggestions, it would help if we had a budget to play with.
  2. You know I got a great video for you from LinusTechTips:
  3. its an old card....youd prolly get framerates of around a 7750 or 7770. i wouldnt buy it though.
  4. I am in india. So, my budget is below Rs.10,000
  5. Tell us your whole specs and max resolution?
  6. Intel Core i7 3770
    Asus P8B75-M
    8GB DDR3 RAM 1600mhz
    1tb HDD 7200rpm
    cooler master 500w psu

    This system is not built yet
  7. 2 things change in pc 1) get corsair cx 500w instead of coolermaster as cm psus are not good. 2)get i5 3470 instead of i7 as i5 and i7 perform same and you will save up money of 7k so you can invest in better gpu.
  8. Will you help me comparing I7 3770 vs I7 2600 vs I5 3570 ?
    At the cost of that I5 processor, I am getting the I7 2600.
    So, should I buy it ?
  9. Hmm at that same price i7 2600 is good
  10. Look for i5 3470 instead of i5 3570.
  11. Tell me your whole budget and i will tell you best config
  12. My whole budget (In indian rupees) is Rs. 50,000. Can go to 52.
    Wanted to buy a laptop under 60. Can you suggest ?
  13. Also my uses are computing {like surfing web etc. (This just excludes gaming)} is 65%
    The left over is dedicated to gaming.
  14. Which components you want under 50k?
  15. I want everything including keyboard, mouse, monitor etc. And SSD if possible.
    I will be OK if I get a 120GB SSD at a price range of 1TB HDD
  16. Ok just wait i will update in few min
  17. OK.. Waiting......
  18. intel i5 3470 - rs 11000
    Gigabyte or asus b75 d3h - rs 4100
    Corsair vengance 8gb ram - rs 3000
    Wd cavier blue 1tb hd - rs 4000
    Corsair cx 500w psu - rs 3500
    Logitech keyboard & mouse set - rs 700
    Dell IN2030m led 20inch - rs 6500
    OCZ agility 3 120gb ssd - rs 6200
    Lg dvd drive - rs 1000
    Iball speakers - rs 500
    Iball cabinet - rs 1000
    Nvidia gtx 650ti - rs 10500

    TOTAL- rs 52000.

    do not get from online store as they are overpriced.go to local store even you may get at 50k
  19. I can save money on that monitor Dell IN2030m led 20inch - rs 6500 ????
    Because I don't want a very big monitor, I have this selected here:
  20. By saving money on monitor : 6500 - 4100 =2400.
    and I also don't want speaker as I have it : 2400 + 500 = 2900
    11000 + 2900 = 13,900.
    Spending just a little more, I will get an i7 2600. I will benefit from this as it has hyper threading also .
    What do you say ?
  21. IMO, the monitor is wide monitor it actually had small display area so i would not change the monitor, (my 17" old monitor had the same hight as my 23" wide monitor)

    i5 is good enough for everything. Not so many games/apps optimized to use 8 thread that i7 offer, so dump the extra money for GPU...

    if u insist go with i7 u will get unbalanced build, strong in processor but weak at GPU...
    (GPU is more important in gaming, in everyday task not much processor power is used)

    anyway that just my 2c
  22. Why you need 15.6inch?small get atleast 18.5inch
  23. I7 is overkill for your needs take my suggested config.
  24. 15.6 inch is very great for me. My laptop too has same.
    Can you just tell me, will I get performance like an I7 from I5 3570 in computing ?
    I5 doesn't have hyper threading.
  25. Yes easily.i7 is usefull if you are big the get hd 7770 at 8k as you do not need gtx 650ti for 15.6inch
  26. Can I ask you why so ? "by the get hd 7770 at 8k as you do not need gtx 650ti for 15.6inch"
  27. Because gpu depends on your screen resolution.hd 7770 can easily max games upto 1440*900res while gtx 650ti is suitable for higher resolution.
  28. Well, How's this configuration:
    Intel Core I7 2600
    Palit NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650 ti 1gb gddr5
    8gb corsair 1600mhz RAM
    1TB Internal HDD 7200RPM
    HP DVD Writer 16x
    OCZ Agility 3 60 GB SSD
    Asus P8B75-M-LX Motherboard
    Cooler Master 310 Computer Cabinet.
    Acer 15.6" Widescreen Monitor
    Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU
    (This makes my budget to go to Rs.51,579)

    So, how's this configuration ?
  29. That is good.change vs450 psu and get cxv2 430w as it is 80+ cerfied psu
  30. Yes that is right
  31. But I think that I should not go into a risk by buying the 430W PSU instead of 450W.
    According to this site :
    It says Recommended power requirement as 410W
  32. OK, So, I am satisfied with the selected parts.
    So, should I fix it now to buy the parts ?
    Any other Upgrade ?
  33. They usally reccomend extra 100-150w.that is psu is enough i assure you it will work
  34. OK so I will go with your recommended PSU.
    How's the build looking now ? Should I go with it now ?
  35. do you have a link to that monitor?
  36. Your rig is perfect but 15.5 inch led is upset for that rig
  37. yeesh thats worse than my 17" crt....but if you like it...have fun
  38. Yes, I like it because I will be using Windows 8 on that system to take the advantage of the SSD.
    Well, Please, Just one last question to clear my doubts:
    Is that Motherboard -- Asus P8B75-M-LX a good motherboard ?
  39. Yes that motherboard is good.
  40. Ok, I am very very satisfied.
    Very Very thank you to all those have helped, specially ASHISH65

    Thank you...
  41. never heard of a reverse bottleneck...but theres a first for everything.

    adity, dont forget to choose best answer for ashish.
  42. Best answer
    Always welcome bro!
  43. Best answer selected by adity8522.
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