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Which would give me the best performance wise in games for an upgrade first? I have an amd 440 x3 processor with 4 gb DDR2 ram and a 6870 gpu. Should I get a new motherboard, ram and cpu (thinking of a cheap 970 mb and 8 gbs of DDR3 1600 ram and an fx 6300....or should I get a 7870xt sapphire video card? Which would net the most performance gains....I game on 1080p 22 inch monitor. I play mainly Wow, Skyrim and D3...also Path of Exile. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Have around $275 max to spend.
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  1. I'm pretty sure you would get more performance from a gpu upgrade, although skyrim is more cpu intesive, but with mods it can be gpu intensive too.

    I just upgraded everything except my gpu, lol! Once I get everthing up and running I'll let you know if I got a performance increase, or at least I'll try to. ;-)
  2. I suggest first upgrade gpu to hd 7870 and then save money to get fx 6300.
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