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I am considering an upgrade, so here I am trying to figure out the best bang for the buck scenario. I have had a factory overclocked Gigybyte GTX 550 Ti since November 2011 and while it took me through Crysis 3 on medium settings (1920x1080) without a hitch, probably I could appreciate a noticable increase in fps, or alternatively, appeal of the higher settings. Or maybe I am better off waiting for another generation?

A few options at where I live:
1. Going SLI with Gigabyte GV-N550D5-1GI 1GB DDR5 (this one has got the reference settings) == 85€
2. Gigabyte GV-R785OC-2GD- 2GB DDR5 == 175€
3. Gigabyte GV-N660OC-2GD 2GB DDR5 == 190€
4. Gigabyte GV-R787OC-2GD- 2GB DDR5 == 210€

Options 2-4 are known to perform slightly better than the reference models.

I could still probably sell my card for around 70€, so not too sure the SLI is actually worth it.

Gigybyte GTX 550 Ti (GV-N550OC-1GI)
Seasonic 620W

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
CPU: AMD FX-8320
RAM: 8 GB (2x 4GB Kingston HyperX KHX1600C9D3/4G)

I tend to avoid Sapphire due to 24 month warranty as opposed to 36 offered by other manufacturers.




No multiplayers. Up to 10 titles per year, mostly the high production value stuff (2013 - Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Bioshock Infinite, Starcraft II Heart of Swarm, Resident Evil 6, etc.)

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
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  1. Go with hd 7870
  2. That GTX 660 is the best choice:

    Consider splurging on a GTX 670, though - it will last you longer, and allow you to play Crysis 3 with better settings and framerate.
  3. Thanks!

    GTX 670 is for 350€, which is way out of my reach.
  4. I do not understand how can gtx 660 beat hd 7870ghz edition?
  5. Moonshine9 said:

    LOL, this has been read into waaay too much. The best card out of all listed is the 7870.
  6. Yes hd 7870 is faster than gtx 660
  7. At 1920x1080 it is probably a wee bit faster than GTX 660:

    However I wonder if 20€ extra could justify the 2% difference in performance...
  8. From W1zzard's review "his means that price/performance considered, the GTX 660 cannot beat the HD 7870, only to, at best, match it. When comparing the GTX 660 to the HD 7870, I don't see a clear win for either product - both will make you a happy gamer. The GTX 660 has lower idle power, better noise and CUDA/PhysX, and the HD 7870 has higher performance, better gaming power consumption and ZeroCore power."
  9. ^that gpu is oc version of gtx 660.from recent amd drivers have boosted '7xxx' gpu
  10. Right. The 7870 that I am considering is also a factory overclocked one, so the difference might be greater than 2% indeed. With Nvidia I would not have to re-install the drivers though.
  11. Ok go with nvidia gtx 660 as if you get the way reinstall driver take few min!
  12. Moonshine9 said:
    Right. The 7870 that I am considering is also a factory overclocked one, so the difference might be greater than 2% indeed. With Nvidia I would not have to re-install the drivers though.

    5 minutes is too much time to have a better card?
  13. The last time I went through this (Zotac 8800 GT out/ Sapphire 5570 Xtend TV in, Nvidia drivers out/ Catalyst in) I had to re-install the whole PC as the startup process became unbearably long. Driver Sweeper did not help.
  14. Get a gtx 660ti and you can have samo thing like PhysX in games like BL2 and it can totally own DS3 and RE6 but crisis 3 will really push it.
  15. The review in my post was done this week with the latest drivers.

    Techpowerup's charts are great, but based entirely on fps, not actual smoothness (frametimes). The GTX 660 still wins.

    PS - I'm a big fan of TXAA and Adaptive Vsync.
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