Wireless live streaming from 15 000 feet high???

Well, after searching everywhere on the web and not finding anything, I thought maybe someone here would know about this (if it's possible).

I'm a skydiver and since 2 years, the dropzone where I jump have been putting webcam around the area to see what's happening on the dropzone live online. I talk to them about a project and they said it would be great but I don't know how to do it or if it's even possible to do.

We would like to put a wireless camera onboard one of the planes so that ppl can see what is happening up there and that would stream live directly on their website like the other cameras they have around... the thing is, we jump from 13 500 feet.

Is that even possible to acheive without spending too much money or it's gonna stay a dream that we have?

Sorry for the bad explanation, english is not my first language.

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  1. You would not be able to do that over wireless, because wireless does not have the range for something like that. Maximum range is about 270 ft without obsticals.
    If you had 3G coverage at that altitude you could possibly have a connected laptop and cam and stream over the callular network....
  2. ahhh damn, thought that would be the answer I would get but said to myself.. why not ask it, maybe I'll be suprised.

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