Distinguishable quality difference between DVI and Displayport

Hi all,

I have a Radeon hd 6320 graphics card and I have DVI and display port to be connected to the monitor. I was always using DVI output and having no problem at all but I wanted to try to see the difference of using display port. I am using two identical monitors and connected one to DVI and one to display port. The problem is that I see a noticeable color difference between the two monitors. I thought in the beginning that the difference is just because of monitors but I see the same effect when I switch the cables. Can you tell me if this is normal behavior? Why am I getting two different color output from two cables? If this is normal, I would expect some more theoretical information about the reason.

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  1. Could be different color settings in win / ccc or different default settings per port in you monitor. I would expect the second: the dp port of your monitor uses different setting then the dvi-d
  2. are you using a converter for the display port, maybe a display to vga converter?
  3. Hi guys,
    Thanks for your replies. I will explain the situation in more detail.
    This graphics card has two outputs, display port (DP) and DVI-I. I have two cables to connect these two ports to my monitors. These cables are, DP->HDMI and DVI-I->HDMI. The color difference is way recognizable in blueish colors on the screen. I tried it in different monitors as well but the result is the same. I see the difference even when I use a single monitor and switch the HDMI inputs one after the other. Can it be because of some color conversion from DP->HDMI? I have read that DP supports 10 bits but I have no idea if the graphics card supports or not.

    I'd appreciate your helps.


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