Copy paste not working properly. It doesn\'t copy anything and then keeps pasti

Any ideal why my copy and paste is not working properly. I copy and paste a lot using my keyboard primarily. However, it appears that it is not always copying the correct information and only pastes old information. What is going on>
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  1. There is no logical reason for this problem unless you have an intermittent problem with one of keys on your keyboard that fails to activate the copy process.
    If it's a wireless k/b try new batteries, or else try another k/b.
  2. The keyboard "copy" function (CNTL + c) quit working on my up-to-date Windows 7 Home Premium all of a sudden. The "paste" function (CNTL + v) worked but I was always getting the old stuff in the buffer. The toolbar Edit/Copy worked. I looked around and didn't like the answers I saw. I finally determined it was due to Skype running (a program I don't use much). I shut Skype down and everything's back to normal! Hope this helps.
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