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For the past few days i have been having problems with my ping jumping around alot when i play games such as BF3 on PC and cod4 on PC plus whenever i am on xbox live i get kicked out of parties alot. Today i ran a test on and it showed 0% packet loss and 1ms jitter so i thought my isp had fixed my issue after i had called them about it a few days ago. So i hopped on some cod4 and low and behold the issue is still their. Then i ran the winmtr program for about 15 min and it showed 80% packet loss. When i plugged my other laptop straight into the modem it showed 0-1% packet loss. Can i assume this is a router issue? and can anyone suggest a good gaming router? i current have the netgear WNRL3500 its about a year old.
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  1. also the internet speeds are usually 36 down 7 up 15ms ping
  2. Run some more test connected directly to the modem to first positively single out the router as an issue.

    Also, update your routers firmware if you haven't already. And update your NIC driver.
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