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Uncertain double click mouse action on win 7


not only on win7 but other versions, different hardware etc, you cannot tell when you double click an icon if it actually launched the application.

slowing down mouse double click in the control panel helps somewhat but how can i get a solid reliable indicator that the double click was heard by windows.

am i the only one who is being driver insane by this common deficiency?

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  1. umm... yes, you're the only one
  2. Sounds like you just have a frustratingly slow computer. I can tell I double clicked something by the fact that the thing I just double clicked starts running. Also, it's not like I click too slowly all that often, maybe one time in a thousand, if that.
  3. no the computer and lots in my collection are fire breathing monsters .. i7 3.8g 64bit os, lotsa memory, we are big kids here reallly!

    so do you get some indication for all the programs you launch? some are running but take a week of sundays before they spew anything on the screen. there should be some positive indication by the desktop ms os crap to let you know you actually got the motha clicked. even the pdp10 in 1970 said "Ready"

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    Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Sound-> Change system Sounds->Open Program, You can add a beep when an program is run.
  5. wow... what a wonderful solution.. thanks .. simple is better .. my mother thanksyou my sister thanksyou by brothers sisters cousin thanks you .. ill kiss you on all 4 cheeks

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