What is the differance between a NAS and a server?

I was looking for a 4 bay NAS to put all my movies, music, etc into, but I was thinking a server could do the same thing and maybe cheaper. My goal is to be able to stream 1080p videos. Im guessing the NAS has its own OS while the server could have windows or linux installed on it? I was looking at this server because its cheap http://www.amazon.com/HP-658553-001-ProLiant-Server-System/dp/B005KKJPCO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1334378897&sr=8-1
or would I be better off building my own? I have some experience building computers but not servers. Any input would be great.
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  1. They are basically the same thing. Server is a general term. A NAS is a file server.

    I definitely recommend building your own Home server if you like building computers. You will be able to pick your own parts, install your own OS, and use it for more then just file storage.

    Some people recommend using old parts. And you can definitely go that route if you want. But if your willing to put some money down you can get some really good performing and low powered components for a home server.
  2. What kind of cpu would I need? I have a spare 4gb if 1600mix of ram I could use. which os is the best for a server?
  3. How big of a pay would I need?
  4. I meant psu
  5. Use the edit button instead of spam posting. =)

    The watts rating on the PSU is going to be dependent on the components you put inside the server.

    Any low powered consuming CPU that is at least a dual core will suffice. 4GB of ram is perfect.

    For the OS, linux based OS servers are popular choices for the "free" route. I can also recommend Windows Home server 2011 if you don't mind plopping down the money. I tried a linux based OS awhile back but had problems with it working with my NIC. WHS 2011 has been great so far. Up to you though. Both linux and windows are great options.
  6. well I have spare 550w psu which is over kill but it beats paying for another one. I was going to go with windows home server 2011 just because Im familiar with it. My problem currently is deciding which motherboard and cpu to use with this build. Im not sure if I should stick with intel or amd. I was looking into a itx mobo but most of them dont support raid or have 4 sata ports or less. I have 4 2tb drives that i would be installing in a raid. Ill prob go with a 60gb ssd drive for boot.
  7. I had this motherboard in mind

    and this case
    LIAN LI PC-V354B
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