Trying to connect my gaming computer to my Plasma TV?

Hi all :hello: ,

I am wondering if I could possibly connect my gaming computer to my 60" plasma TV. I have a single GTX 680. I use a component input for my TV as shown in this album ( ). Is there some sort of converter I could get online somewhere that would allow me to do HDMI to component? And if possible, it needs to be about 10-15 ft long because my computer is in the room next to my theater room.

Thanks so much! :)

EDIT: on the album listed above, I meant to take a picture of the outputs of my video card, not my motherboard. There is an HDMI output on my GTX 680 as well...
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  1. Why not just use a hdmi cable? A converter costs more,

    EDIT: i'm guessing you have no access to the hdmi port?, but yes you can get converters around £30

    Here's one

    If you look around you'll find some cheaper, but i'm not sure how well it would work. Go for gold connectors
  2. I have an audio system separate from my TV. It all is merged using the component input, so I'm kinda forced to use HDMI -> component.

    EDIT: would a cheapy eBay one work?
  3. Yeah the converter should be fine then, i had one because my tv didn't support component (converter was comp to hdmi of course) i got signal drops after a flash or fastmoving object appeared, i was told it was most likely the hdmi cable, anyhow i returned it. Fyi i paid about £25 for mine xD it didn't have gold connectors either, anyhow my point is to buy a quality converter. If the worst happens you can always return it too. I have a feeling i just got unlucky with them.
  4. I'm not sure you can just buy a hdmi to component cable, hdmi is digital while component is analog, you'll have to get a converter it works like this


    Like the one i posted before.

    Edit: I also had a look at the cable you posted it only works if, and i quote

    Note: Unidirectional HDMI in to 5 RCA out.

    "This cable don't own the chip to convert digital signals to analog signals, so it only fits for the devices which itself can convert digital signals to analog signals."
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