Need advice on upgrading my graphics card

Hi all! I found out the hard way that a new GT 620 is not better than my old GT 450. So I'm looking to return the 620 for something better. Any suggestions?
My price cap is around $100 (before my "trade-in") and I prefer sticking with NVidia.

PC specs:
Mobo: GA-990FXA-UD3
CPU: AMD FX 8350
PSU: Corsair CX 600
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  1. If you want nvidia then get gtx 550ti 1gb
  2. The 550TI is identical to the GTS450, but with higher clocks. 550TI is a waste of money.

    For $100? You don't really have any options. 650TI maybe, but those are more then $100. And its not much faster then the 450.
  3. You should be able to find a GTX 650 Ti 2 GB for around $130
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