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Hi, I need some help of reformating my computer. I got the Windows 7 64bit disk in ,and i restart my computer. But once I restart the computer somthing is sopose to tell me if i wanna run this in Cd or dvd somthing. I been watching some videos about it but nothing it working for me. Help!!!!!!!!! Also i'm not trying to save all the files i got. Most of them are usless. I got the updated drives.
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  1. "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD"

    So what happens if you press a key?
  2. Hi versky
    Depending on what bios you have the keys may be different, so if first solution doesn't work then set the boot drive to the dvd drive inside the bios.

    1. Reboot and then when BIOS screen comes up press F8 repeatedly. After some seconds a screen should pop up asking you which drive you want to boot from, and there you can select the dvd drive.

    If the above doesn't work:

    1. Restart and press DEL key repeatedly when the screen appears (could also be F1).
    2. Inside bios there should be a menu selection named 'Boot options' or 'Boot menu'.
    3. Once you locate that one set the 'first boot drive' to be the dvd drive.
    4. save and exit bios, it should now boot from the dvd.
    5. Remeber to set the drive back to the original once you have installed windows (or when windows boots during the install process).
  3. @DarkMatterTrace I think the fact that he got the "Press any key" means that the computer uses the DVD as a boot device. Don't you agree?
  4. @szaboaz The OP mentions he knows they are supposed to see a press any key from watching howto videos, however it sounds to me like they are not seeing that. This would be why I would also make the bios suggestion darkmattertrace made as it is likely a boot order issue, however since he already outlined the steps so nicely I'll just second his recommendations :)
  5. well if ur pc can install win 7 its likelly it can boot from a thumb drive (ull need 4gb) and its fast and neat way to do it, make sure u follow all the steps to boot from any source u want (read: open the setup window to alter ur boot order in the BIOS) and ull be pretty much ready to go

    also consider creating a windows only partition on ur hdd while leaving a secondary one for all ur data so if u get into trouble again u dont have to worry bout making back ups

    also most mobos have a special f key assigned to select the boot source without going inside the set up, make sure u select the right one

    matta ne!
  6. Depends on the hardware and bios. HP is F9 for the boot menu. Lenovo/ibm is F12. Dell is F12 as well.
  7. @myroink Ah, you're right, I didn't read carefully enough. Sorry for the confusion I might have caused.

    @Original Poster: if you tell us what computer you have (especially the motherboard type), we can help with the exact steps to follow.
  8. I got a Inspiron 580. Mother board Dell 33FF6 Motherboard Desktop Board Inspiron
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    You'll find the step-by-step instructions at page 269-270, under title: "Reinstalling Windows XP or Windows Vista" here:

    I can see that at the product support page you can select Windows 7 64-bit for downloading drivers, so there shouldn't be any problem with that.
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