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Which 6770?

So I am looking for the same Graphic card as I have now so I can crossfire. Its a 6770 but thats not the point right now. I just noticed that the card I have has a XOC sticker and a sku label over another label. And this design of the card is the same as the lower end one. But literally. This label says - but the label under it is this - and the card matches this. So I dont know which to get..
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    If you look at the back of your card do you have 3 or 4 outputs?

    If you have 3 you have the lower end V2. If you have 4 you have the XOC.

    Also, you could check with GPU-Z or maybe CCC to see what the default clock speed is as the V2 card is clocked at 850Mhz and the XOC is clocked at 900Mhz.

    Either way, you could crossfire any other 6770 to yours and it will work.
  2. If you get another 6770 and it does not match your current GPU's clock speed, it won't really matter. When you connect the two in crossfire the cards will default to the speed of the slowest card. The crossfire chart at ATI/AMD also shows you can also use a 5770. And indeed, the 6770 is just a rebadged 5770(right down to it's 108 watt TDP).

    I might as well mention that you can also use a 5750 or 6750. Although either would cause your 6770 to drop at least 150 MHz, to match at 700 MHz.

    Just make sure whatever you get has 1 GB of memory.
  3. Its got 3 ports and 900 MHz clock speed.
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