How much power do I need?

4-6 Case fans
Pentium IV 2.53
Intel I850E Tehama
GF4 Ti-4600
4 PCI cards

I was going to use 431W, but I figured that many case fans would require more power?

The case I'm looking at is the Directron 201B. Many case fans, but the only thing I'm going to overclock is the video card (hence the side hole).


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  1. 431 Watt will be enough but make sure you get a brand PSU.
  2. Maybe this <A HREF="" target="_new">power supply selector</A> would help you out. (Courtesy of PC Power & Cooling)

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  3. Deffinetly nothing lower then a 431w Enermax, If you plan on adding some more stuff in the long run, i would go higher, something in the 500's

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  4. Another vote for Enermax.

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  5. Assuming you're using two hard drives, 350W should do. Extra power is always nice, so the 431W unit sounds like a good choice.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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