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600w psu enough?


Is a 600w psu enough to run a Sapphire HD7950 along with evga 9800gt as a dedicated physx card?
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  1. Yes it is.
  2. so its enough to run my rig and that physx card ?? i've been told that the physx card pull its full requirement or is that not true? thank you for the quick response
  3. the 9800 gt will pull at worst 108 watts of power on load so yeah your good.
  4. Oh I'm running fx 4170 as my cpu I know it's not a good processor but it wont bottleneck those gpu at all with 4.2ghz?
  5. Sounds pretty balanced, although it depends on the game. I bottleneck a few games with my comp which has a i5 3570k @ 4.2ghz and a stock 7950 on world of tanks, farcry 3, and hitman absolution all maxed out.
  6. Well it's at stock speed I don't play games like bf3 mostly single player games and few mmos. so it's all good?
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    Yeah, all good man =).
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  9. cool can't wait to run 7950 with 9800gt i always wanted to try physx. Thanks alot :)
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