Newbie question about raid

ok I have some questions about IDE raid:

1. Do I have to have 2 hdd with same volume, speed or brand?

2. How much is performance gain?

3. I heard there is raid 0, raid 1 or raid 0+1. what are those?

thank you very much
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  1. Yes it's recommended you use the same size of drive.

    Performance gain in minimal with two drives. Example, I have an array setup as RAID 0 and gain 7MB/sec (43MB/sec compared to 36MB/sec).

    RAID 0 - Known to us common folk as striping. You take two or more drives and it will write (for example) a 128k file at 64k x 2. Basically it will take that 128k file and write half to one drive and the other half to the other improving write performance by half. Does that make sense?

    RAID 1 - Also known to us common folk as mirroring or duplexing. This is self explanatory. It makes a copy of the data to the other drive in the array thus making it fault tolerant. **Not intended for speed.

    RAID 0+1 - Combines both of those above and requires 4+ drives in the array.

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  2. yea, it's a minimal performance increase...I wouldn't go crazy over setting up raid unless you are using SCSI drives with 15K RPM..

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  3. Being a newbie is fine, no problem, but like the site says, this is "Tom's Hardware Guide". Unbelievably he also has a guide to <A HREF="" target="_new">RAID</A>. There you can find answers to all your questions.
  4. Alrite I think I got a bit concept of it...thank you guys.

    yea I totally forgot the site got all the info in there...><
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