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Can GTX 650 run battlefield 3 on high or ultra ?

my screen resolution is (1366x768)
My PSU is 400watt
i have intel core i5 , 4GB RAM
my budget is 140$
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  1. Should be able to do a mixture of the 2. Which PSU do you have?
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    No im afraid, unless you dont mind choppy frame rates
    You will need a 1GB (2GB not required at that resolution) HD7850 or 650 ti for resonable gameplay high settings
    You should see 40-60fps High settings
    If turn off HABO & AA you will notice a increase in perfomance
    Thanks ;)
  3. i compared between GTX 650 and GTX 650 ti in i found that GTX 650 is higer than 650 ti in Memory , Core Speed and Shader Speed but the GTX 650 ti is higher than GTX 650 in Memory Speed ,Unified Shaders and Texture Mapping Units
  4. Don't look at HWcompare ever. It's incorrect.

    roughly 30fps on high at 1080p so at the lower res you can have much higher FPS or higher details
  5. In your resolution the Unified Shaders and Texture Mapping Units will benifit you more than the amount/speed of memory.
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  7. so GTX 650 ti is better ok thanks
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