Nvidia geforce gtx 660 dual monitor display issues

I have a geforce gtx 660 card with a dvi attached samsung monitor (SMBX2331), and a hdmi attached 46in samsung led television.

Everything works fine, i can get displays on both. My problem is that i would like to play games on the television, and have my taskbar, desktop and what not on the monitor while i play them. I'm trying to play the new 2013 release tomb raider this way, and cannot seem to get it working unless u run mirrored display where the game shows on both screens not just the television, any ideas?

I've tried opening the game in a windowed full screen mode, but it shows on my primary monitor only, and will not display on the television. I'm using a razor tournament edition xbox controller through usb to play games on the tv.
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  1. You would then need to change your primary display over to your TV and your secondary screen to your monitor. You can do this where you extended your desktop.
  2. There are quite a few third party software to get your taskbar on both screens but there is no built in way in windows 7. But they did add it in w8. http://sourceforge.net/projects/dualmonitortb/

    The game goes blank when move it to the second screen?
  3. Ah I see yea that is a bit more tricky within windows I thought he was wanting one screen for windows and one for gaming. That software seems to be a very good solution.
  4. yes, that is what im wanting. I want my monitor to be primarily for just desktop, skype, ventrillo, surfing the internet and what not with sounds from skype/vent coming through a wireless headset while i play games on the tv. Then i want games to play on the television, sound coming through the tv/surround setup. i had the sound worked out for a little while where i had only desktop/skype/vent coming through the wireless headset and only tomb raider gameplay sounds coming from the tv just like i wanted it, but while this was working i had tomb raider playing on both the monitor and tv at the same time, instead of just the television. Is this possible through windows 7, or like suggested is the only way through software?
  5. hmm I would think so with extended desktop is that what you are currently doing? You aren't cloning the screens are you?
  6. yea, when i do extended desktop if displays the game on my monitor and not the tv for some reason, even when i tried swapping the placement of monitors on windows
  7. The game should open on the primary display if set to full screen. If it is windowed, just drag it to whichever you want it on.
  8. agreed. well what you do in the case when you have extended selected is changed the primary screens over and you can do that quite easily.
  9. ok so i have it on extended, made the television the primary so the games load up on that like i want. my desktop, skype, interenet etc are on the monitor like i want. Now the only problem i see is that the game sounds will only come through the headset. My headset is on and it comes through them, when the headset is off i get no sound, i cannot get sound through the tv/surround this way now. the only way i had sound on the tv before was on mirrored dual monitor setting im pretty sure, is there not a way to switch between headset and tv as i please on extended dual monitor setup?
  10. basically my idea seems simple but the process seems impossible, maybe it just cannot be done.

    I want my monitor to be my pc for normal pc processes. I want my wireless headphones to be the primary sound device for my pc/monitor.

    I would like to have my HDMI connected samsung led tv as my gaming screen, and have game sounds come through the tv/surround setup. Practically using steam and my PC as a console with the tv as my display for this "console".

    I would really like to be able to play games on the tv, with the game sounds on the tv, while wearing the headset connected to the pc, and talk on skype while playing games. I could look to the monitor to see chat, search the net and what not while not interrupting the games on the tv aside from switching tasks.

    Maybe this just cannot be done, but if there is a device, or program that would allow dual monitors, dual sound devices to run simultaneously i would love to find out how its done. Again thanks for the replies, i feel like im making progress non the less.
  11. I think you would then need to go into your playback devices within your sound options and change it to the HDMI cable that is going into your TV because HDMI can carry over audio.

    I don't think what you are asking is out there. I think you are asking for realistic things. I just think you need to find out what HDMI cable is going to your TV and then set that as your default HDMI cable because I think with how you have it setup its probably defaulting to your computer monitor.
  12. Some software, like skype, will allow you to choose which device to output too. Otherwise I don't know of any software for w7 to choose output for software without the option.
  13. Right you can change things within the software but within the sound panels within windows you can change your default sound devices and that would be where you could change your playback device/ where your sound is coming from to the hdmi cable that is being used on the tv.
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