what do think of the phillips acoustic edge

So what do u think?
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  1. I absolutely hated my Seismic Edge, but the Acoustic Edge is a different DSP and I've heard good things about it.

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  2. I haven't installed the Acoustic Edge, but I did install a Rhythmic Edge recently in a new Intel system with WinXP. The card went in okay, and didn't appear to have any problems with audio CD disks, MP3s, etc. But after installing a couple of games, I ran into a problem. I launched MechWarrior 4, and each time a laser was fired, the sound dropped out. A similar problem arose in other games, like UT, Quake 3, and Tribes 2.

    No error messages, or BSODs ... just no sound. Restarting the game re-enabled the sound, until you fired a weapon.

    Changing the hardware acceleration settings for the sound card didn't make a difference.

    Of course, the games were patched, and the latest drivers were installed for the card. Unfortunately, the modification data for those drivers was 1999 ... and I think that might have had something to do with it. There was no default driver for the card in WinXP, so I had no choice but to install the driver off the website.

    I replaced with the card with a SoundBlaster Live! (although it wasn't my first choice), skipped the Live software (which runs slowly on WinXP), upgraded the default driver installed by the OS to the newest version, and the problem was gone.

    I wouldn't use this card in WinXP.

    Whether the Acoustic card is subject to the same kind of problems, I can't say. But I would suspect the driver modification date to be equally as old for the Acoustic as the Rhythmic.


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