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Alright I've Googled this problem for hours now and I cannot find a solution. This just arrived at my doorstep no more than 5 hours ago: [...] B009I9N1NW

I bought this PC to hook up to a 64" HD 1080i TV and play moves and the like. I had a scaling image problem before which was the screen being too zoomed in to the point where navigating is completely useless on my gaming PC. The image was not fitting the screen. And you could not go to the edges of the screen with the cursor to see if you could click on something. With my gaming PC (has an Radeon EAH HD ASUS 6870) all I had to do was open AMD Vision engine control center and navigate to My Digital Flat Panels and choose the Scaling Options and adjust it.
But that option is non existent on this PC which also has an AMD card. (AMD Radeon HD 6410D) This is the option I am missing:

I don't know any other ways in adjusting the screen other than that. Can I somehow restore that option as I can't find it on the latest engine control center. I believe it's Windows 8's fault. As many friends report that Windows 8 is still new and doesn't support those kinds of features yet. :(
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  1. The Overscan/underscan is only for HDMI connections, also, you can change the scan options on your Monitor/TV directly, no need of adjusting them on your video card.

    You can as a last resort, uninstall the drivers, and then installing older or beta drivers.

    Hope it helps!, :)
  2. Buddy, this TV is a 64" DVI only (for PC connections) 1080i that CAN'T have it's screen adjusted other than format. And there are only two different kinds of format. Stretch and standard. I have to do this through PC.
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