What's the best single-slot nvidia gpu out now?

I need a true single-slot card to upgrade an older computer.

I'm using a 9800 gt 1gb right now, but it's old and the fan is too loud, so I thought I'd replace it with something equivalent in size at least.

700w psu, so power is fine. It's also a well-ventilated and cooled case. But the northbridge fan on the motherboard precludes a double-slot card, unless it's *really* short (i.e., even shorter than the 6" zotac gtx 650 ti). Single-slot is probably more realistic, but 650s all seem to be dual-slot.

So, how far back in technology years do I have to go to get a single-slot card? Surely there's something more recent than the 9800 gt 1gb that is just as powerful.
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  1. Best would be i think xfx hd 7750 single slot gpu.can't find in nvidia
  2. You'll have to get a 640 if you need a single slot and want to stay with nvidia. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814500256 None of the cards will be shorter because it is on the edge of the pcie connection. Would removing the fan shroud on the zotac give enough room? Maybe do this with another card?
  3. Hmm... How about this card?


    Is it vaporware? I can't seem to find it on newegg or amazon or anywhere.

    Also, the 640 is a downgrade from the 9800, right?

    How about anything from the 200, 400, or 500 series?
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