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I use my Radeon 4250 for watching movies on Samsung Hi Def TV on a HDMI port. The video is built onto a Gigabyte MB.

I was watching a movie and the display started flickering green. After a while it ended up with a translucent green overlay over the entire screen. I can still see what is displayed but it has this green screen. I also have a Samsung Syncmaster 933 attached and it displays just fine. Updated the drivers this morning and there is no change.

Any ideas?

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    I am guessing the it could be an HDMI cable fault, HDMI port fault or TV fault

    Check by using other devices and using a different cable

    Also try nuking the drivers and completely removing it and then doing the latest install
  2. Wow! Good call.

    I pulled out my old dvd player with a HDMI port and started checking cables, ports, etc. Turns out a HDMI cable was bad. How the hell can a stationary cable suddenly go bad? I was thinking video card.

    You saved me some bucks. Thanks!

  3. No problem, here to help :)

    I have had and seen and heard of cable issues, usually an controller in the cable messed up/dies or with some cheaper ones the wiring inside just gives out
  4. Thanks again
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