Upgrading from ATI 4850, what is my best (budget) pick?

Hello everyone,

I have a Dell XPS with Intel i7 920, 6GB of RAM, and a (i think) dead ATI 4850.

Yesterday, while on my PC, the PC froze and started to show random blue lines, yellow dots and other random things on the screen. And after that I get the BSOD, saying something about Display Driver.

Is my graphic card dead?

If it's dead, then I have a 512MB ATI 4850, and I'm looking to buy a graphic card that is the best for my money, which is around $100-150. I have a 600W PSU.

I occasionally play games (GTA 4, Flight Sim, Battlefield). But I'd like to future proof my PC.

Can you give me some recommendations?

Thanks a lot.
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    Either GTX 650ti

    Or GTX 650 SuperClocked if you are on a budget

    Or if you prefer an AMD Card HD 7770 Ghz Edition Overclocked

    The 650ti performs the best out of the three of them

    Hope i helped :)
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