GTX 660 Ti: Display Problems on Startup

Hello there

I built myself a computer, but either something went wrong somewhere in the systems or I have missed something out. Basically, at this stage I am having problems with the GPU, a EVGA 2GB GTX 660 Ti.

The motherboard is GA-Z77X-D3H where I've got 8 GB Ram and i5-3570K with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 fan. OS is Windows 8 Pro.

The problem is as follows: presently when booting the system, it shows me the BIOS optional screen, shows the loading Windows screen, and gets into the user logon area. That place is at the wrong resolution with horizontal false-colour lines running through the screen.

I have tried booting the system with an old GT 220 and it works fine, so my reasoning says that it is the fault of the GTX 660 Ti.

I have updated to the most recent drivers I could find (314.something).

Now, what I have tried and what worked before: I managed to launch the system first with the Intel Onboard graphics, and everything worked fine. Then I added the GTX 660 Ti, and most things worked alright. I tried playing Shogun 2 for a while and experienced no problems until the display crashed to desktop. After this, I tried a few other games which loaded alright; tried playing Waves for a few minutes. This experienced the false-colour lines (although more as tiles), and then crashed. After this, the system refused to start up with the GTX 660 Ti, and I tried the GT 220. Everything worked perfectly. Changed back to the GTX 660 Ti and it now reaches the login screen as described previously, and stops displaying images although the system itself is still operational.

Do you have any ideas what might be amiss?
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  1. The 'ti' bus interface is kind of buggy. You can get a replacement if you talk with the retailer of your graphics card.
  2. Cheers.

    I figured as much after there was every indication that one GPU worked and the other didn't a few hours later.

    I returned this 660 Ti, and will be getting something else instead I believe. This model just looks far too buggy based on internet queries.
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